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Heart Song Foot Soak

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This soak is wonderful for Circulation, soothes aching feet, and warms up cold feet. Using essential oils of Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, and Cloves.


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1 review for Heart Song Foot Soak

  1. Kim Spearman

    We absolutely love these products. My husband and I have started doing ‘foot spas’ at home on the weekend, and begin with using the Heart Song Foot Soak. This alone is enough to make your feet feel new and refreshed. Then we use the exfoliating foot rub (which is heavenly), and finish off with a foot rub using Uncle Arthur’s Balms Away. This is such an affordable & luxurious way to treat yourself.
    I love that the products are local and contain all natural ingredients (no chemicals or preservatives).
    Never again will I shop at one of the larger chain stores (the ones that you see in every mall) because I find the ‘from the Meadow’ products to be far superior (and much more affordable).
    The few facial products I have tried so far have been remarkable. I especially love the peppermint facial cleanser, which there really are no words to describe. My skin feels so clean after using this, that it leaves me wondering if there is some kind of magic involved in its preparation.
    The spearmint/rosemary toner is also amazing, in hot weather when your face is starting to get that oily sheen, a spritz of this is the fix.

    I can’t wait to try more of these phenomenal products.

    • Heather

      Thank you for sharing Kim! That is so great to hear!

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