Our Process


Our process, our passion, from seed to skin. We take great pride in manufacturing the highest of quality of skincare just for you!

We begin with perfect little seeds that we grow right in our “meadow” along with wildcrafted plants. We grow over 100 plants on our family farm and turn it all into natural skincare.

Family, local, love.

The special field where everything grows.

Hard work goes into every plant we grow.

Every row is personally dug and planted. Pumpkin seeds are a must, as we have a gorgeous pumpkin scrub for that amazing glow.

Groundbreaking work right here man!

Planting peppers for our snakebit and polar cream, which are for pain and arthritis. They both give a heating and cooling effect.

Team effort gathering stinging nettle. Rich in vitamins and minerals for our stimulating nettle shampoo. We also use it in Lydia’s burn cream and our arthritic cream for healing and pain.

Gathering this beaut! We have many plants that are wildcrafted, we use alot in our products. Mullein is used in our Breathalyzer cream for all breathing and asthma problems. Works great for cold symptoms as well!

We also use Mullein in our Awake the Feet healing cream, to help with heel spurs, as Mullein draws out the pain.

Pa is the best digger of deep roots!

This is burdock root, used in our signature Burrific Heal-All Cream. Used for eczema, cuts, scratches and bruising. This was the very first cream that we made over 20 years ago. Everyone likes to call Burrific the #1 medicine cabinet cream.

Dandelion is another one of our important wildcrafted plants. It is the perfect detox for your skin. We harvest dandelion roots as it is part of our famous and popular Secret facial cream! Age defying and gives you a gentle life, making you look and feel amazing, all day.

Calendula flower, also known as the sunshine plant, helps with veining issues such as varicose and spider thread veining, and rosacea.

This little love goes into our Secret facial cream and Calendula cream.

A wonderful harvest day! Our herb wagon is filled with healing products ready for drying.

We have a large drying facility up in our beautiful barn. Here we are drying yellowdock and dandelion. Once plants are dry, they will be boxed and labelled for winter use.

We love that we can use fresh plants all spring, summer and fall. This is an array of plants that are ready to be put together for a batch of Lydia’s Miracle Cream.

Our Secret Facial Cream is our little magical gem. Here is a batch being bottled.

Every product is made in small batches and labelled with love.

We ship all around the world, right to your door!