f r o m   t h e   m e a d o w

Thyme Red


Size: 10ml
Scientific Name:
    Thymus vulgaris
Country of Origin:    Spain
Synonyms:    T.aestivus, T.ilerdensis, T.webbianus, T.valentianus, French thyme, garden thyme, red thyme oil, white thyme oil.
Plant Family:    Lamiaceae (Labiatie)
Plant Parts Used:    Herb/ Flowers and leaves
Extraction Method:    Distillation
Physical Characteristics:    Red, brown or orange liquid.
Dominant Note(s):    Top to middle
Aroma:    Rather sweet and strongly herbal fragrance
Main Constituents:    Thymol and carvacrol (up to 60%), cymene, terpinene, camphene, borneol, linalol: depending on the source may also contain geraniol, citral and thuyanol
Blends With:    Bergamot, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Juniper, Lemon, Niaouli, Mandarin, Melissa, Rosemary, Tea Tree
Safety Precautions:    Red Thyme oil contains large amounts of toxic phenols (carvacrol and thymol) which can irritate mucous membranes, cause dermal irritation and possibly sensitization, Use in moderation, in low dilution only and avoid during pregnancy.



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