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Read What Our Customers Have to Say about From the Meadow Products.

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

My husband and I decided to visit the Western Fair Farmer's Market yesterday and ran across From the Meadow's booth. Our 16 month old daughter has had a severe case of diaper rash for some time now. We have tried coconut oil, Penetan (zinc oxide) cream, even doctor prescribed hydro-cortisone cream. Nothing helped. After consulting a very nice young woman about our daughter's condition, she suggested we try the Burrific Heal All Cream. We purchased a small jar and applied it to our daughter's rash when we got home. 2hours later, to our surprise, the rash had nearly disappeared. Both of us were shocked and Meredith is noticeably more comfortable. We applied the cream again. As I write this, it is 24 hours after the initial application and her rash has completely disappeared. We are thoroughly impressed with the not only the medicinal power of From the Meadow's Burrific Heal All Cream, but with the remarkable speed at which it worked. Neither my husband nor I were big believers in the healing power of natural remedies over western medicine but this experience has been very enlightening. We are soon to be repeat customers and I am looking forward to trying From the Meadow's Polar Cream. If it works half as well as The Burrific Heal All Cream. it will be money well spent.
- Amanda & Dave, Facebook comment

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

Sitting here, post shower and covered in "Mercy", the most intoxicating, moisturizing oil ever. There's not a product I don't just love!
- Shanna, Facebook comment

From the Meadow Customer Reviews
Your products are amazing! You are true healers
Loko S, Facebook comment

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

Today I found your spot at the London Farmers Market and purchased a lovely basket of your skin care products!!! I absolutely LOVE your fine selection of products and look forward to trying more of your products!! Thank you for making a difference!!
- Diana C, Facebook comment

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

Thank-you so much for your wonderful creams. You are extremely gifted:)
I use the "Lydia's miracle cream" daily on my daughter. It has helped reduced alot of her scarring. I cannot believe the difference from day to day, after using your creams. I have given several others this cream to try, and everyone that has tried it has fallen in love with it.
I also use the Breathalizer on my other daughter who has asthma. Instantly her breathing is much better. I absolutely love this one.
One more product I use is the face cream, again...in love with it!
So once again, thank-you so much for your wonderful creams. Even though I've never met you, I feel you are a major part in my daughter's recovery! I look forward to trying more of your products!

- Jennifer D - Facebook comment

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

Read a Review of Royal Velvet blogged by the Slightly Hippie Housewife of Suburbia!

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

I have had Raynaud's syndrome for about 8 years (since I received chemotherapy intravenously).  For about a year and a half I have been using From the Meadow's Silver Threads cream for my hands exclusively.  It has helped me tremendously.  The middle 3 fingers on both my hands used to turn white and hurt and tingle even with gloves or mittens on.  It did not matter whether I was on a walk, shoveling snow, shopping, or driving home from work.  I suffered even if the temperature was only around 0 C.  This is the first winter in years that I have not had the pain and lack of circulation in my fingers - and it has been a cold and a long one!   Thank you so much ladies at From the Meadow!  I love your products, looking forward to trying many more! 
- Renata S, London , Ontario

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

I just got back to Pickering and got my parcel!!! It is just like Christmas, the Chocolate soap smells so very good, I cannot wait to try it, thank you.  Ever thought of a chocolate peppermint soap?  I do not mean to be a geek, but I really love  From the Meadow ☺
- Julie K, Pickering, Ontario

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

I saw your booth at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, and picked up a brochure, also tried a few products on my hand that day. Loved the feel of my hands at the end of the day.

Ordered some Soap and The Secret face cream. I love them both, and have just re-ordered. The face cream is amazing as I have very sensitive skin as well as lines and wrinkles to deal with, it has really improved my skin in only a month. Thanks for your great products.
- Rhonda, Ontario Canada

From the Meadow Customer Reviews

I was at the market at the fairgrounds again today and I stopped by your amazing little operation. I discussed a problem I had with allergies and was treated on the spot with Sinusitis Oil. I noticed that my sinuses cleared up almost right away and I purchased some of this magical product.
- Bill, London, Ontario

In early February, 1999 I received a severe cut to my left hand. When trying to remove the back cover of my watch the jack knife slipped causing the blade to enter completely through the fleshy area between my thumb and first finger. The cut could have been stitched but instead I used Burrific Heal-All and an Everplast dressing strip to cover the cut. After two days I removed the dressing to discover the cut had completely healed over, showing only a slight red line where the knife blade had entered. I applied more Heal-All and another dressing. Two days later I removed the dressing and the red line had disappeared and there was no visible scar.
- Larry Potter, Vice President Compuscan.com

Hello Ladies, I just spoke with you today about my little Alexa and her boil on her face. I can't thank you enough for all of your amazing creams and Heather for your info....I haven't felt this relieved in 16 days with her little "virus" I will be seeing you soon to help my family stay at it's best!! and I will be telling all my Momma friends about you as well!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
- Julie H, Facebook comment

Following surgery on my knee, I used Chirpy Chickweed cream. This helped with superficial and deep scarring resulting in my having increased mobility in my knee.
- Amanda Schellenberger, Stratford, Ontario

Wow! I am soooo happy to have my Polar Cream. It helped me get thru a bad cold. Dear polar cream I love you.
- Kelly, Facebook comment

I'm in LOVE with your Pumpkin Sugar Scrub!! I've been using it for about 2 years now (among other meadow products) & have seen a great difference in how great my skin looks & feels! Thanks for putting out such great products!!
- Eliza B, Facebook comment

After falling from my bike, my hand ached from bruising my knuckles. I took Tylenol about two hours after the accident which only provided minor relief from the pain. I was pleasantly surprised after rubbing Awesome Arnica on my hand that the pain went away within minutes. - Paul Lambert, London, Ontario

Elderflower is the only cream I use on my face. I know it's good for my skin.
- Renee Overton, St. Thomas, Ontario

Golden Velvet stopped my razor burn and skin flaking after shaving.
- Bryan Ungar, Aylmer, Ontario

While receiving reflexology treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, when Uncle Arthur's cream was massaged into my legs the pain was relieved and inflammation greatly reduced. I now use it daily and never leave home without it.
- George Johnson 

After using Calendula Cream nightly for one month, the tiny red veins that appeared coming out of my nostrils are no longer visible, nor is the pre-cancerous spot on the bridge of my nose apparent. Amazing!
- Liz Brearley R.N. CCHP

I must say.. I love your Burrific Heal All. I have put it on almost every skin problem I have had. I've used it on bruises, scrapes, eczema, dry cracked feet, and heat rashes. It's helped heal them all so quickly!! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!
- Melanie, Facebook comment

Our daughter had a severe outbreak of Psoriasis last winter. She was covered, head to toe. Using Self Defense and Burrific Heal-All alternatively, she was clear within 6 months. This is an all natural product. I have highly recommended these products to other Psoriasis sufferers and will continue to do so.
- Kin Orser, Aylmer, Ontario

We appreciate any and all feedback from our customers. If you would like to comment on one of our products, feel free to contact us or join us on Facebook!

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