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From The Meadow : All Natural Healing Products and Body/Skin Care
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Our shampoos and cleansers are easy on your hair, additive-free and above all, are kind to the earth. Revitalize dry or damaged hair by using our all-natural shampoo products which contain no colorants, perfumes, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, sulphites, parabens or silicones. After a few applications your hair will look and feel healthier. As a bonus, all of our shampoos can also be used as fully body cleansers.

Sea Buckthorn Cleanser - Body Wash/Shampoo
Sea Buckthorn All in One Body Wash / Shampoo

Our all-in-one all over body wash and shampoo. Sea Buckthorn is known to combat dry skin, fade age spots and prevent and treat the dreaded wrinkles. Use as a shampoo to strengthen, regenerate and provide a nourishing and radiant shine to your hair (skin and nails), it is also an effective anti-irritant that soothes and calms the skin and scalp.

Psssttt ...did you notice Sea Buckthorn Body Wash/Shampoo is one of the items in our "From the Sea Buckthorn Grove" Facial Kit? ... The complete Facial Kit is $60, it's a better buy and you get to try our more of our products!

$11.00 / 250ml

Lavender Milk BathRoyal Velvet
An all-in-one lavender shampoo, body wash, and facial cleanser.

* * Read a Review of Royal Velvet
blogged by the Slightly Hippie Housewife of Suburbia!

* Can be used as a full body cleanser


$9.99 / 250ml

Peppermint Full Body Cleanser
Start your day off with a cooling sensation in the shower and an energizing pick-me-up. The spearmint essential oils will give you the "pep" needed for the day! A blend of Certified Organic Soya Oil, and Coconut Base with essential oil of Peppermint.

* Can be used as a full body cleanser


$9.99 / 250ml

Tea Tree Shampoo
Antiviral, Antifungal, Antiseptic. Effective against head lice, seborrhea, eczema and dandruff. In a soya/coconut oil base and essential oil of tea tree at 3% concentration.

* Can be used as a full body cleanser

$10.99 / 250ml

Rosemary Nettle Shampoo
With Stinging Nettle & essential oil of Rosemary. In a Certified Organic Soya Oil and coconut base. The stinging nettle stimulates hair growth, and promotes beautiful shining hair. Rosemary promotes good memory.

* Can be used as a full body cleanser

$9.99 / 250ml


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