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Lavender Milk Bath
Lavender Milk Bath - BEST SELLER!

A relaxing, soothing bath soak with the essential oil of lavender and lavender buds.

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$20.00 / 500 ml

Bye the Sea
Calming. Use for insomnia. Great bedtime bath soak, very relaxing. A blend of Rosewood for freshening, Vetivert for tranquility and Orange for radiance.

$17.00 / 500ml

Rose Petal Milk Bath
Relax your mind, body and spirit. The rose was one of the most valued medicial plants in the gardens of medieval Europe. Known for it's healing properties of damaged skin, astringent skin care and for all over natural beauty. Rose Petal baths are a wonderful way to lift depressive moods and create a feeling of well being.


$20.00 / 500ml

Sherwood Forest
After a long hard day ... Relaxing and Revitalizing.  Cypress to open our meditative energies, Pine for a sense of well-being and Rosemary to heighten intuition and remembrancey.  Sprinkle two scoops in your bath.

$20.00 / 500ml

Venus Milk Bath
Calming and Soothing.  Creamy milk baths have softened the bodies of notorious beauties throughout history.  Why not join them in this luxuriously silky experience with the fragrant aroma of Lilac.  Sprinkle two scoops in your bath.

$17.00 / 500ml

Silent Night - SEASONAL (not currently available)

Perfect for the season! Contains frankincense, myrrh, and bergamont. A beautiful and soothing epson salt bath with gold glitter and essential oil.


$20.00 / 500 ml


Top of the Morning
Great for a morning foot soak, Revitalizing and Refreshing and uplifting. Made from a blend of essential oils of Grapefruit and Lime.

$10.00 / 250ml

Tea Tree
Essential oils of Tea Tree, provides relief to athlete's foot, and other foot ailments. Anti-virual, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and disinfecting.

$10.00 / 250ml

Heart Song
This soak is wonderful for Circulation, soothes aching feet, and warms up cold feet. Using essential oils of Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, and Cloves.

$10.00 / 250ml

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