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From The Meadow : All Natural Healing Products and Body/Skin Care
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From the Meadow specializes in the creation of natural healing products made from the highest quality ingredients using no chemicals, preservatives, dyes or petroleum products. The herbs contained in our creams are personally hand picked and produced on our farm in southwestern Ontario.

All of our creams, massage oils and soap products are made in a base of Certified Organic Soya Oil most like that found in the human body. All of our products are backed-up with the From the Meadow, no questions asked guarantee.


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From the Meadow
Relax, Revitalize, Relax ... Naturally

Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients using no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, bleaches or petroleum products. Most of the herbs we use are hand picked on the From the Meadow farm in southwestern Ontario. Some must be imported whole or as pure essential oils. These oils are painstakingly prepared and retain the individual qualities of the plant, including aroma. As an example, the blooms of 30 roses are required to produce one drop of oil.

We do not use chemical perfumes. We have created a small selection of products for their nose appeal alone. These items are clearly noted on the ingredient label as containing "Fragrance Oil" rather than "Essential Oil".

All of the herbal ingredients are present in sufficient quantity to ensure efficacy. They are combined to produce their desired effects based upon the theory known as "The Doctrine of Signatures". As the majority of the products were created with medicinal and complete body health in mind, this theory has been invaluable in their preparation.

Certified Organic Soya Oil is the base of all our soaps, creams and massage oils. Rich in Vitamin E, it is most like the oils found in the human body. It easily and naturally absorbs into the skin. For this reason, it is being considered as a safer component for breast implants.

The majority of commercial products use a base of mineral oil - a petroleum product that produces a moisture barrier. To make these bases absorb, polypropylene glycol (anti-freeze) is added.

Ask yourself and anyone you meet, which type of product you would prefer to use!

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